Boundaries & Paths

Your site is important.  How you define and access it is, we believe, crucial; it adds a sense of invitation and security.  Our walls, gates and fences are designed to guide you and your visitors.  We will amaze with texture, detail and craft.  We take humble, solid materials and bend them into beautiful, serviceable paths and ramps; confounding the notion that Building Regulations are to be feared. 

Often overlooked in the construction process. I have been inspired by people like Christopher Day and Andy Goldsworthy and believe that the journey as we approach buildings is as important as the arrival. I love the way that this theme of a sense of arrival has been tackled by building communities as diverse as The Rivergreen Centre in the City of Durham and the Pishwanton Trust in East Lothian. I have worked with both and their individual care and attention to detail has influenced my own work.